Ultrasonic facial

Ultrasonic Facials can help you get rid of fine lines and wrinkles and recapture your youthful appearance.

Ultrasonic facialThis is a procedure you should consider if you have been looking for a way to erase those tell-tale signs of aging. It’s a noninvasive painless facial that’s great for all skin types.

The treatment uses a combination of electrical energies to deep clean, gently exfoliate and drive treatments into the skin to spur production of collagen and elastin. It removes oil and impurities from the skin as well as gently exfoliates dead skin cells for healthier skin.

Although the procedure can yield great results on its own, it works very well if combined with other treatments. It also helps topical skin care products to penetrate beyond the epidermis through the process of Sonophoresis (sound waves), resulting in increased product efficacy.

This is an excellent facial to incorporate in between more invasive procedures to keep skin functioning at optimum health. Some other treatments you may want to combine with this procedure include the Medical Grade Perfect Peel and Derma Smooth. In fact, we have a special this month (April 2018) featuring this great combination. You can get our “Spring Clean Up Package” for only $429.

When put together, these products improve the results. They each boost the effectiveness of the other.

If you are looking for a noninvasive painless way to look younger, you may want to schedule a complimentary consultation at Trouvaille Med Spa in Bonita Spring or Naples to learn more about this treatment. Call 239-319-2200.